Legal Investigations

Helping Legal Professionals

Legal support investigations provide assistance to lawyers, paralegals, mediation, self representing individuals and other legal and quasi legal settings. Private investigators offer a variety of support services which can greatly assist in supporting claims and cases. Some of the most common investigations include person and asset tracing, civil claims investigations, criminal defence support, file review investigations, intellectual property theft investigations, support to compliance and due diligence processes and contract disputes. Our extensive background in investigations makes us ideally suited to advise and support a wide array of support requirements. Some of our services include:

  • Criminal Defence Case Support

  • Civil Claims Support

  • Small Claims

  • Self Represented Individuals

  • Family Court

  • ​Estate Issues

  • Interview and Statement Support

  • Negligence Investigations

  • Labour and Contract Disputes

  • ​Asset and Person Trace Investigations

  • Genealogical and Family Investigations

Private investigators offer dedicated investigative support in all legal areas and can assist in the review of opposing evidence, consulting investigations and the conduct of file reviews of other investigative bodies' reports. Whatever your requirement, Elemental Investigations can meet your unique information requirements to help you meet your needs. Call us today to find out how we can help!

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