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Private Investigations

Private Investigations


Private Investigators assist professionals, corporations, government and private individuals to find answers. Investigations are frequently used to look into instances of fraud, compliance, background checks and private investigative matters. A well timed investigation can offer you critical information in a variety of situations and will help bring the truth of a situation out. Let Elemental Investigations advise you to help you make the right decision moving forward.

Areas of Investigation


We offer general investigative services involving all investigative methods and bring in specialists where required for niche investigations such as fire or advanced IT issues. Some of our areas of investigative services include: Surveillance investigations, competitive intelligence and counter-intelligence investigations, legal support investigative services, background investigations, infidelity private investigator services and fraud investigations. Elemental Investigations' Chief Investigator has over fifteen years of experience in the conduct of investigations up to the Federal Board of Inquiry level, including death, serious injury, sexual assault and harassment. He is also experienced in the full realm of intelligence gathering, having worked operationally with security intelligence organizations in Canada and abroad, making him uniquely suited to investigations of all types. 

Did You Know


Private Investigators in reality differ significantly from their media portrayals. Often referred to as private eyes, private detectives and PI's, the modern private investigator is a research expert who will conduct legal and privacy mindful investigations to accomplish a goal. We are regulated by Alberta Justice and the Solicitor General and belong to a variety of professional organizations. Elemental Investigations: Private Investigator Edmonton holds all required licensing and insurance, as well as operating as a member in good standing with several trade and business organizations.


Site verification investigations use private investigators to look at a site or area to verify the existence of a building, operations or other factor the client cannot view themselves. In addition to this, these investigations also use Private eyes to look at  things like inventory on the ground, staff levels and can make local inquiries about the area to note areas of concern or interest. Contact Elemental Investigations: Private Investigator Edmonton to ask about how we can help with your investigation needs! Proud Edmontonians!